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The process of stopping bad luck & the ways as to how the evil effects of the stars can be dispelled

If one has low mount of certain planet in his palm,he should put on a ring,purified by the tantra discipline.The ring should have yantras(talismans)that would pacify the unfavourable planet and should be worn in the finger whereon the planet's effect would be absolute.That will turn his luck favourable.
Accordingly,for pacifying the Sun,15 amulets made of gold should be put on,for pacifying the Moon 18 in silver,for Mars 21 in gold,for Mercury 24 in the tridhatu(alloy of three metals),for Jupitar 27 in gold,for Venus 30 in silver,to satiate Saturn 33 in iron or tridhatu,for the Rahu(Caput Draconis)36 in tridhatu and for Ketu(Cauda Draconis)39 in tridhatu should be worn.


For Jupitar the index finger is considered the most suitable,for Saturn,Rahu,and ketu it is the middle finger,for Sun and Mars it is always the ring finger,for Mercury and Moon the little finger.If one needs to cover the shortcomings because of the depressed mounts of two or three planets then he should wear a ring made of seven metal alloy on his ring or the middle finger.

These luck-booster rings are unique specimens to bring in good results all by themselves.In changing a human's ill luck into blissful one.The unfavourable planets become favourable once these are worn in person,and man finds himself blessed with wealth,fame,a progeny and such good results.All the hurdles that were stopping his good times,soon are removed to bring success in the life of the native.However, the job is easier said than done.These rings should be made at auspicious moments under thorough observation of the process in Tantra and Vedic disciplines according to their basic tenets.
If one wears such a ring,with a devout heart and in nonchalant faith, his aspiration can be fulfilled within three days,or three fortnights or at best within three months .Such a ring cures a patient miraculously of a chronic disease.But one must not remove it from his finger even for a moment within the 90 days once it is put on.The ring must be put on person on the day assigned to the planet,at the right auspicious moment.If miraculous results are aspired, then such rings should be purified by Rudrabhisheka(Lord Shiva's empowerment)on the day of Pushya constellation (ruled by Saturn).Of course,while in toilet such rings should be detached from the body.

Application after wearing the ring in the assigned finger:

Soon after getting up from the bed the native rub his palms forcefully for some time so that these are flushed up enough to make all-even the minute-lines visible,and staring at the life,heart and the luck lines should recite the following mantra:

kauragrey vasatey lakshmi,kaurau mauddhye saraswati
kaurau mooley tu Govindaha,probhaatey kaurau-daurshaunam

That means,at the fore front of the palm,within the line of wealth resides Goddess Lakshmi.In the middle of the palm,on the brain line resides Goddess Saraswati.In the wrist on its centre resides the God Himself(Lord Govinda).If a man stares at the palm daily while saying prayers for his choice deity,observes his favoured ring,his courage grows everyday, the evil effects of the planet withers gradually and the unfavourable time turns into favourable one soon.

As one's look is put under restraint by checking it up at the mirror everyday,similarly,if one examines the lines in his palms everyday,his luck favours himselfgradually.That is a tested fact.

If the horoscope of the afflicted is also available along side his palms,it becomes comparatively easy to foretell remedies for his difficult times.For him it is advisable that he should wear a gem to protect his life and another to boost his fateline in a combination ring.Such combination creates the benefic,of what is called in astrology,Gajakesari Yoga(A person born of such a moment is wise,intelligent,qualified and the king's favourite.Such a yoga takes place when Jupitar is in a quadrant to Moon, or when the three benefics,such as Mercury, Jupitar and Venus aspect Moon and the aspecting planet,Moon, is neither a combust nor has debilitating factors.)Similarly, the combination of pearl and coral form the Lakshmi Yoga which eventually removes poverty,or Daridra Yoga(time of poverty,destitution and affliction).Many times the combination gems function miraculously.However,this should not be forgotten that the combination gems would not be effective until the ring is purified and energised according to the native's name and gotra(lineage).


If the heart line, life line and the brain line are malefic,the afflicted is ailing,with expectancy of survival the least,the astrologer goes for Mahamrityunjay applications in such conditions.The recovery locket is hung around his or her neck as a talisman,which soon starts funtioning and the native recovers.


If the native wants to win over some choice person,a man or a girl,it is advisable that the person should make two prototype rings on a Friday, get it purified by the mantra through enchantment(Vashikaran Mantra), then one of the rings the person should wear and the other should be worn by the desired. These rings are luck-boosters,both would fall in deep love.In a different perspective,for proper care-taking these rings can also be worn by a female seeking friendship of another female or by a male to another.


If one desires to win over a handsome or a beautiful partner in life then he or she should wear a ring studded with a diamond weighing 5and a 1/4 ratti(that means,it should weigh 2+1/4 grains X 5+1/4= 11+1/8 grains).As diamonds are highly expensive,one can go for the white Zircon(American Diamond).Diamond is highly attractive and enchanting.A women,whose match is becoming difficult to fix,should be given to wear a purified diamond ring on a Friday,at an auspicious moment.Diamond empowers Venus and the procreative energy in both the male and the female grows.Diamond must always be studded in silver or platinum or white metal.


If there is conjugal discord between a man and his wife,the yellow sapphire(it should weigh 2+1/4 grains X 5+1/4 = 11+1/8 grains)must always be worn in person on a Thursday after the ring is purified by the required mantra.If the yellow sapphire cannot be bought then the Topaz would do for it. The yellower be the sapphire,more pleasant would be the conjugal relations.Those natives whose marriage line is distorted must necessarily wear such a ring.The gem is also benefic for children or a blissful family life,besides,turning intelligence into religiosity.

I know a case of a lady.she had come to my Guruji Mr.Dwivedi for suggestions.She had a very strainuous relation with her husband,even had weak relation with other members in her family.In her palm the Mars was positioned high.She had worn a coral ring.It came out during the conversation that her husband was oppressive and rigid in behaviour.He wanted to dominate over her and that was the genesis of their daily conflicts.She also revealed that her husband was a Mangalik(one who is born under the influence of Mars)and also wore a coral studded ring.A native born under the influence of the planet Mars must never wear coral ring or anything that has coral in it,or the Mars in his life would be highly powerful and would dominate everything he did.The same day,Guruji removed the coral from both of them and made them wear yellow sapphire.They led a happy life ever after.


If the fate line is distortedin one's palm,the wealth line does not exist and if he always suffers from poverty,such a native should wear a benefic ring,as is suggested in the Sharda-Tilak,in Tantra discipline :

Taarataamra subarnaarka shhorha shankheyndubhih
Pushyarkey ghatikaa mudri rheen daaridraya nashini.

That means,copper weighing sixteen ratti(one ratti is equivalent to 2+1/4 grains,and 1 grain = 0.065 gram), silver 12 ratti,gold 10 ratti-all three mixed in a ring should be made at the auspicious moment of the pushya constellation and worn after purified in mantra would slowly remove any kind of poverty from life,all loans would be repaid.It is tried and tested.In the terminology of religion such a ring is called Pavitri.


On conditions when the line of Saturn is distorted or depressed in one's palms, or one's sure results get faulted by obstacles,rise of enemies occur for no honest reasons and the difficulties dog him constantly,then on one Saturday he should fetch an iron piece slipped or broken or dropped from a black horse's hoof,keep it from one Saturday to another dipped in oil from sesamum kernel,then on the Pushya constellation's Saturday curve a ring out of it.If such a ring is worn,after purifying it through mantra,at an auspicious moment in the middle finger,all the hazards because of an unfavourable Saturn vanishes.For such a native the Saturn turns out to be gainful influence.This too is tried and tested experience.


If a child is much fickle than natural but dull,nor attentive to his studies,unmindful to elder's guidance, a disordered and a trouble creator,also has the brain line in his palm distorted,then such a child should be given a Moon-pearl locketted chain around his neck.That would bring peace in his mind.The child's brain would be in control.According to the tenets of the shastras the moon rears children like a mother and guards them against all accidents.Hence, the Moon-pearl, also if given along with a talisman would bring great benefits to the children of such mental conditions.


There are four reasons for that,these are :
1.The upper portion of a human,above the naval region,is pious.
2.The mystic power in the gems studded in rings becomes ineffective when the hand tackling human wastes and excreta or the food left-overs come in contact with the ring.
3.The application of the mystic power of the mantras is possible in a locket,as a ring cannot accommodate both the gem and talisman.
4.While taking the bath,the water trickles down the body after dousing the locket,which in some way completes the gem-bath.The bath such as this ensures much peace in the afflicted human.A locket consists of three powers,an amulet,the mantra and the tantra or the mystic power,all work in a synergy.Hence,the pendulum that is the locket which can hang from one's neck will definitely ensure better results.

This post is dadicated to my Guruji Dr.Bhojraj Dwivedi from whom I learn all these wonderful thing.


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